DisplayFusion 5.0 adds Windows 8 features

Multi-monitor, feature packed, DisplayFusion 5.0 has just been released with a bunch of new features. One of the most notable features hooks into their new WallpaperFusion service which provides high quality multi-monitor wallpaper images. DisplayFusion will automatically download the correct image resolution for your monitor with just one click (see featured image). Its ability to rotate, flip, and mirror wallpapers is quite cool! Continue reading DisplayFusion 5.0 adds Windows 8 features

Massive 50 flaw Java Patch

In light of the recent java security debacle, Oracle has released a critical patch update advisory. The patch contains over 50 new security fixes, the vast majority of them having the highest-possible severity score of 10.

Note: For the casual web user, please note that Java is not JavaScript. Java is a separate install/plug-in. If you don’t know you need Java you probably don’t, and you should disable it in your browser.

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