New Office, New Home, New 4K Display

In February I moved to a new-to-me home, along with that came a new home office! I think it’s a little better than my previous office, although it is a bit older of a home.

I also decided to jump on the Amazon deal for the $340 Seiki 4K TV for use as my primary monitor. It actually makes the 30″ Dell’s look small in the photo.

So far I really like the 4K display. I’m all about display area for coding, so this display is great for that (3840×2160). Read the reviews on Amazon for more details. Since purchasing the 4K TV, Seiki has come out with a 4K monitor, which is preferable to the TV if you have $999 to spend.

In my current configuration I can see 131 lines of code at one time, along with quite a few window designers, along with the property browser, class browser, and more – all at the same time.

In photo you’ll see my file browser on the left monitor, the Delphi development environment on the 4k monitor, and two email programs, chat, work browser windows, and stuff like that on the right monitor.

Soon I’ll be updating my Home Office page, but in the mean time, here’s a wider photo of the new home office:

Photo Mar 17, 5 05 23 PM

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