Bloggers, Stop the Crowdfunding Nonsense

82337407Crowdfunding is the process of funding your projects by a multitude of people contributing a small amount in order to attain a certain monetary goal. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are just two of many crowdfunding websites you may have heard of.

My problem isn’t with crowdfunding projects, but with the bloggers that write about them. Continue reading Bloggers, Stop the Crowdfunding Nonsense

Charter Cable Sucks

chartersucksSo I live about three miles from a town that has an urban population of 10,000 people. Charter Cable serves this area.

My road is one mile long, and my house is half the way down the road. Charter has cable running at both ends of my road (a half mile away). There are about a dozen houses each direction.

Charter Cable refuses to run cable up my road. Not only that, they refuse to even give me a price on what it would cost if I paid to have them run cable.

I’ve told them I would pay for the fastest internet connection they could give me. The maximum connection on DSL is 1.5MB here, so It’s not like they would have much competition.

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