Software I Use

One thing that I really like is software that is simple, yet does what it should and does it well.

Here’s a list of some of the software that I use on a daily basis. (In no particular order)

Delphi – My primary development environment for desktop apps.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor – Development of websites, because, well, I wrote it. πŸ™‚

Actual Multiple Monitors – you will get a fully functional taskbar on each display.

Macrium Reflect Backup – Backup disk imaging software.

CrashPlan – Onsite and Offsite backup software.

Taskbar Shuffle – No hotkeys, no extra steps, just rearrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar by dragging and dropping them. Allows you to rearrange your system tray icons by dragging and dropping as well.

Directory Opus – The ultimate customizable File Manager.

allSnap – Makes all top level windows automatically align.

Firefox – Internet Browser.

TexNotes Pro – Create and manage all your digital notes and documents. Easy access and management of your notes with a structured tree view window.

Notepad2 – Notepad replacement with code folding, syntax highlighting, bookmarks, and more.

Process Explorer – Shows a list of the currently active processes, including the names of their owning accounts, CPU usage, memory, and just about everything else you would want to know about them.

inSSIDer – WiFi Scanner to scan, inspect, measure, and improve wi-fi connectivity. Although a bit technical looking at first, inSSIDer can be used by anyone. The best use of this is to simply see what channel your wi-fi is using, and what channel other networks are using (your neighbors) to ensure they aren’t on the same channel.

Winsplit Revolution – WinSplit Revolution is a small utility which allows you to easily organize your open windows by tiling, resizing and positioning them to make the best use of your desktop real estate.

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